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Eric Zajdel, a roofing contractor thought there must be a better, easier way to communicate with clients and vendors for project management in the field. I knew there was a need to be able to tie out geo locations, pictures, video before and after to document project activity at these locations. I also knew that these tasks need to be able shared in a simple format.

I thought that this capability would not change only my industry but countless others where these daily task are being performed in the field.

What we came up with is a unique business platform that is going to change the way people perform, track, share and document job task directly from the field.

Corporate customers will be able to choose how to file, sort, retrieve data by signing up for data management options in JobDoc.

JobDoc has enlisted the services of an International World Class Technology Company to build and manage our platform. We look forward to hearing from you on how our product has impacted your business by simply, helping you communicate and document your progress in motion !


Eric Zajdel

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